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  Celine Dion was born in the small town of Charlemagne, Quebec, with a singing voice that her mother At the age of five she was performing for anyone who would listen.  In 1980 her mother took her to manager Rene Angelil, who believed in her voice at once. In 1981 they released her first record in French, La Voix du bon Dieu (The Voice of God in English). It made her the star in Quebec. The following year she won the gold medal at the Tokyo World Song Festival.  In 1987 she produced the album Incognito, which became a huge success. By winning the contest in Dublin, Ireland on April 30th, 1988, she received a large boost to her career in Europe. Her first English-language album was Unison (1990).  In late 1993, she told the world for the first timethat she was in love with her manager, Rene Angelil. Then they were engaged, and she married him in 1994. The wedding was broadcast on television across Canada.  Dion has sold around 175,000,000 albums, making her the best-selling female artist of all time.


  《新课标培优专项通·英语随身读》系列丛书是面向中学生的一套阅读辅助教材。初中每年级一册,共三册;高中每学期一册,共六册。入选的文章体裁多样,有对话、记叙、论说、说明、书信、广告等;题材广泛,涵盖文化、教育、历史、地理、科技、经济、友情、亲情、校园生活等。具有趣味性、时代性、可思性,与学生的学习、生活密切相关。每篇阅读配有少量形式多样的练习,以增进英语的习得。既可提高学生英语素养,又能增强学生的应试能力。  本册是《新课标培优专项通·英语随身读》系列丛书的第二册,主要面向初中二年级的学生。全书包括十三个单元,共十三个主题,每个主题都和初中二年级的课本内容相关。同时,每个单元由三到五篇材料组成,既有简短的对话,也有令人捧腹大笑的幽默故事、脍炙人口的神话传说,更有增进知识的说明性文章。每段材料后配备了是非题、填空题、连线题、选择题等形式多样的练习,帮助检测学生的阅读理解。所有材料短小精悍,又引人入胜,是初二学生提高词汇量、扩展知识面、培养英语学习兴趣的好帮手。  总体而言,阅读理解能力包含以下几个方面:(1)理解文章的主旨和要义;(2)理解文章的具体信息;(3)根据上下文推断生词的词义;(4)依据文章做出简单的判断和推理;(5)理解文章的基本结构;(6)理解作者的意图、观点和态度。在阅读及做相应练习时,要注意以上能力的培养和运用。另外,必须注意的是:答题总是以文章为依据,这就是说,答案要在文章中找到根据。




How to Read English Effectively英铬阅读技巧突破 UNIT 1 Animals动物  Text 1 Crooked Jackal无耻的豺狼  Text 2 Dolphins海豚  Text 3 A Lion and a Little Mouse一只狮子和一只小老鼠  Text 4 The Talking Mule会说话的骡子  Text 5 UNIT 2 Food食物  Text 1 Eat Healthy健康饮食  Text 2 Making Lemonade制柠檬水  Text 3 Jack and the Cake杰克和蛋糕  Text 4 The Lovely Banana可爱的香蕉 UNIT 3 Sports运动  Text 1 Being in Good Shape保持好的身体状况  Text 2 Special Experience with Baseball非凡的棒球经历  Text 3 Friendship in Taekwondo跆拳道中的友谊  Text 4 UNIT 4 Famous People in the World名人  Text 1 A Great Runner一位长跑健将  Text 2 Voice from Heaven天籁之音  Text 3 Tom Cruise汤姆·克鲁斯 UNIT 5 Shopping购物  Text 1 Black Friday黑色星期五  Text 2 Online Shopping Tips网购小提示  Text 3 Shopping for Bargains买便宜货  Text 4 Supermarket Encounter超市奇遇 UNIT 6 Family家庭  Text 1 The Soup Family苏普一家  Text 2 Home Alone:Are You Ready?独自留守在家,你准备好了吗?  Text 3 The Five Brothers五兄弟  Text 4 Sibling Rivalry同胞竞争 UNIT 7 Festival节日  Text 1 April Fool's Day愚人节  Text 2 World Children's Day&International Children's Day世界儿童日和国际儿童节  Text 3 Molly's Easter Hen莫莉的复活节母鸡  Text 4 Arbor Day植树节 UNIT 8 Health健康  Text 1 Hospitals Can Make You Sick医院里的潜在致病因素  Text 2 Heart Disease心脏病  Text 3 Being a Fit Kid做一个健康的孩子  Text 4 Sara's Upset Stomach萨拉肠胃不适 UNIT 9 About School Life学校生活  Text 1 A School Girl Sues Her School女学生起诉学校  Text 2 Dance with Me和我一起跳舞  Text 3 Slower than a Snail比蜗牛还慢 UNIT 10 Career职业  Text 1 What I Want to Be in the Future我的理想职业  Text 2 Entrepreneur to Restaurant Waitress从企业家到餐厅服务员  Text 3 A Job Interview应聘面试  Text 4 UNIT 11 Vacation度假  Text 1 Planning for Trips计划旅游  Text 2 Five Days’Travel in Tokyo东京五日游  Text 3 My Trip to Japan游在日本  Text 4 A Visit to Asia亚洲之旅 UNIT 12 Invitation邀请函  Text 1  Text 2 Come to My Birthday Party生日聚会邀请  Text 3 Planning Your Child's Birthday Party计划孩子的生日聚会  Text 4 UNIT 13 The Universe宇宙  Text 1 What Do We Know about the Moon?你了解月亮吗?  Text 2 Water in Different Forms水的不同形态  Text 3 Greenhouse Effect温室效应KEY to Test Yourself自我测评答案






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